NEVRES ONGUN (1946-1995)

Our founder Nevres Ongun;
Who is one of the leading names in the development of Kahramanmaraş’s commerce and industry had started his career in textile in 1970s with a carding enterprise and has been the pioneer of the ground breaking activities.
He established the Karboy Boya and KasarInc. which is the first dye house in Kahramanmaraş and in the region in 1988 with a build-up over years.
He took part in the establishment of many factories in Kahramanmaraş’s industry and inspired them.
Thus, he pioneered the development of the yarn, knitted and dyed fabric commerce in Kahramanmaraş and Nevres Textile became an educational facility for the new dye houses activated in Kahramanmaraş and created new areas of employment.
We commemorate our founder Nevres ONGUN, who passed away at a young age in 1995, with respect and mercy.