Occupational Health and Safety Policy

    We aim to carry out all stages of our production activities in a healthy and safe working environment. In line with this goal, we are aware that it is our responsibility to protect our factory employees, suppliers, interns, guests and all other stakeholders in terms of health and safety.Therefore;
    To comply with legal regulations and regulations regarding occupational health and safety.
    To train our employees on occupational health and safety, to equip them with competencies and to increase their personal awareness.
    To take all measures against dangers such as fire, injury and disease that pose a danger to life and property safety, to supervise the applicability of the studies carried out on this subject and to make the necessary updates.
    To provide a safe, healthy, and ergonomic workplace environment for employees by making risk assessments in a way that will reduce and eliminate the risk of work accidents and occupational illnesses in the workplace.
    To improve existing investments that will minimize occupational health and safety risks.
    To consider occupational health and safety and legal regulations while making new investments.
    To respect the environment and Quality Management systems legislation; to ensure traceability within the company by establishing systems related to this purpose.
    To make continuous improvements by using appropriate technological equipment related to occupational health and safety.