Human Resources Policy

As Karboy&Nevres, in line with our strategic plans and goals, creating an organizational culture which supports teamwork, change and innovation,by developing organizational culture and human resources to an efficient and satisfactory level, is our aim and responsibility.
We orientate our employees to success; we support and reward the individual effort and teamwork.
We reinforce the internal communication and enhance sense of belonging by means of various events and social & cultural activities which enhance the motivations of the employees and encourage the interaction.
We regard the families of our employees as factors contributing to our success.
We reduce extravagancyby following the continuous amendment activities strictly.
In our daily operations, an attitude of teamwork and quality posture is our priority, in our uncompromising search for quality, we undertake to operate in an open, just and consistent manner.
We take all the regulations for the occupational health and safety into consideration and comply with them; we take the necessary measures for a safe working environment meticulously.